CartoGraffiti is a collaborative painting web application, using the Earth surface as it's canvas.
Pick up a location from Google Maps and make your art, with brush tools, stencils and stickers.
Once drawn, It will stay there, composing a virtual art gallery that anyone can see and extend.
CartoGraffiti is aimed for the iPad, but will be available online during BETA stage.


There are no rules.
This is an open collaborative canvas.
A permanent autonomous zone.
Once something is published, it will stay there. Forever.
Try not to cover entire areas and cover the maps.
Use cartography as an ally. Play with it.
There's no erasing. Like a wall, the only way to erase it to paint over.
There will be no editing. So please be nice.
Each zoom level is a new layer, a new canvas. If you zoom in or out, you'll see a completely different drawing.


CartoGrafiti is in ALPHA stage.
It means that it is still in development and not finished yet.
Anyone is welcome to join the tests, but keep in mind that it may be unstable.
Drawings made during this stage may be deleted before the official release. Or not. So please don't get too attached to them.

The painting system is ONLINE!

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Submit your stencils and stickers

CartoGraffiti needs stencils and stickers for it's online public database.
If you want to contribute, send your art to
The best ones received will be incorporated in the public library and credited here.

Stencils specification:

  • File type: PNG with transparency
  • Max file size: 500x500
  • Leave some border or you may paint outside the stencil

Stickers specification:

  • File type: PNG or JPEG
  • Max file size: 250x250

For the time being, you can use only stencils and stickers from the public library, but in the future you will be able to use your own.


CartoGrafiti is being developed by Roger Sodré.
Contacts: Email / Twitter / Flickr / Software

Powered by Google Maps API, Processing.js, jQuery, Django, PostgreSQL, PostGIS and PhoneGap (iOS)

Stickers and Stencils gently provided by Vinil Colante, Fixxa,


CartoGraffiti needs a strong web server for heavy image data transfers.
If you enjoy this application please donate to keep it running forever.
You'll make me very happy by doing that! :))

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